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[FILM] The World Is Big and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner

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It must have been one of those lazy Saturday nights when I bumped onto Reddit’s list of foreign movies, and decided to click on this dubious link that took me to one of my all-time best traveling-themed films.

This piece of Bulgarian cinema begins with a flair of french narration through the lives of a Bulgarian family who loves sugar and ends up in Germany.


With the hints of dramatic, yet comic, border-crossings due to political insecurities, this movie takes us on a journey between a man and his grandfather, separated by death and amnesia, and united by a simple board game and and the paths of an entirely untraveled life.

Vasko and his Father

There are several intertwined notions that deserve separate attention, but the cinematography of then Bulgaria succeeds in placing the viewer in the small neighborhoods where the story develops.

Save by the brief distraction of a hospital, where Vasko remains for a moment, the viewer’s attention zig-zags between the growing relationship between Vasko and his grandfather, and the chronicles the two encounter while cycling back to Bulgaria, in search of Vasko’s forgotten memories.

Slowly, we are told of the stories in the family’s life, the harsh decisions and memories of having been refugees in Italy, which, though realistic and relevant, maintain the humanity expressed by all the interacting characters, from the little girl with whom he first spoke, to the small car his father once bought him.


All in all, this film is about two people who rediscover each other, and the world, through an incredibly simple journey.

The viewer will experience some of Europe’s most exquisite landscapes, and may be drawn to packing up and leaving on a bike.

The good news is that this film is available on Youtube, which you can watch by clicking here.

so check it out!


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