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[FILM] Im Juli: A German-Turkish Adventure!

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It begins with a German maths teacher who is oblivious to his undeniably dull life and does absolutely nothing to change it.

We are immediately annoyed by his character, only to stumble and fall in love with his quirky, yet unsurprisingly meticulous articulations.

Juli is an aspiring artist and a street vendor who is easily moved by the wind, and who eventually convinces Daniel, our guy, to purchase a ring with a flair for Mayan symbolism. The legend, according to her sales pitch, reads that the man with the ring will find the woman of his dreams when he sees her with a similar symbol of the sun.

Hopeful, Juli invites Daniel to an evening street party, where we are introduced to the eclectic tunes of 1993-produced Brooklyn Funk Essentials.

To her despair, Daniel meets Melek instead, a Turkish woman who’s just arrived in the small town in look for, well, we don’t know at this point. Melek bears a sun necklace, which immediately leads Daniel to believe that, despite his inherent inclination for a general unbelief, love is real.


After Melek’s authentic musical performance, the quasi-couple returns straight to Daniel’s, where Melek is eventually last seen.

Daniel finds himself lost and confused. Was it love or an illusion? Irregardless of the answer, he sets out to Istanbul, to find Melek under the bridge where she said she’d be.

On his way, he picks up Juli, who, disappointed at her ideas of love, also decides to leave, guided by her mantra:

“whichever car stops first — that is where I go”.

The adventure begins down the trails of South-East Europe, from illegal border crossings to clandestine trips in fragmented states of consciousness.

Juli slowly begins to explore and expand Daniel’s otherwise closed mind, in hope that he will realize that the love of his life is not so far from where he is.


All in all, Im Juli narrates a journey between two people and their adversities, always in comic contrast to the misconceptions of “backpacking”. A real tale of adventure, camaraderie and eventual love that comes from understanding.

This film is a successful attempt at constructing an extra-sensory experience for the viewer, both in character and simplicity.

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