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A Brief Commentary On Street Food

I stood still, and refused to move, as my travel companions insisted on eating at the nearest MacDonald’s. At the time, I wasn’t able to articulate, or provide a minimally substantive argument as to why we should settle for the street dumplings, let alone that couple’s generous offer of local beer.

Their argument was valid.

We know MacDonald’s. We know what it tastes like. We know how it’s made.

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The Archetype Of Oppression And Heritage

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To visit Mozambique Island, the epicentre of culture and history, has always been a dream of mine. I remember being woken by the unexpectedly humid sun and venturing into the town’s market in search of airtime when the little child crossed my path.

It dawned on me that this child, though native as she may have been, was just as foreign as I.

After all, Mozambique Island is a UNESCO Heritage site, and it makes me uncomfortable to witness the preservation of a heritage that is not my own.

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Photo Essay: Maputo’s Oldest Bazaar

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I distinctly remember having my hand pulled through the wet aisles of Maputo’s Central Market. The conglomeration of scents from sea foods, spices and sweat; the young boys employed by their customer’s lack of care (for you had to pay someone to keep your goods from getting stolen), and finally racing through the corridors with no time to truly contemplate the existences that brought life to a sleepless market.

Last week, I visited the Market for the first time in 4 years.

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