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A Brief Commentary On Street Food

I stood still, and refused to move, as my travel companions insisted on eating at the nearest MacDonald’s. At the time, I wasn’t able to articulate, or provide a minimally substantive argument as to why we should settle for the street dumplings, let alone that couple’s generous offer of local beer.

Their argument was valid.

We know MacDonald’s. We know what it tastes like. We know how it’s made.

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Re-Imagining The Beach In Maputo, A Photo Essay

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You may have stumbled upon the stereotype of Africans not being able to swim. That is, of course, a brisk generalization. Though almost unfortunately true.

Let us, for a moment, deconstruct the ‘beach’. Generally, one thinks of it as a center for recreation purposes. Tourists come with their exaggerated luggage and water gimmicks that leave us sceptical. They play with the waves, take a dive and resurface with glory and might from a well-spent day at the latest sea spot.

 The us/them binary is distinct .

While they play with the waves, we fish.

While they draw in the sand, we cook.

The way in which we position ourselves in this beach-like space is entirely different, and thus entirely emblematic to the dynamics of the Maputo-born citizen.

To understand what we do when we go to the beach, we must dedicate some time to reflect on its own purpose. The integration of the sea into the city, or, perhaps, of the city into the sea, speaks volumes into our constant run-ins with nature in the urban space.

Shall we, then, go to the beach?

There is no shame in our lassez-faire state of affairs. We wake early, and fall asleep in the same breath, between the zig-zag of work and the radiating puffs from the sun.

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Respect! – The Social Currency That Governs Tanzania

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Tanzania is, undoubtedly, a beautiful country. The people are friendly, the food is great, and the music is rich. I live in the heart of Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam. The city is full of life (and traffic, but that’s another story!) and there’s much to discover if you spend the time to see what the city has to offer.

However, in Tanzania, we have this problem of holding on to grudges, and a lot of this has to do with respect.

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