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The sky hasn’t yet gotten used to me, but I’ve gotten used to small talk interaction with the people with whom I share the almost last minutes of my life. (turbulence..)

Here are some of the coolest people I’ve had the chance to interact with,

  1. Kid who played a weird instrument, Hong Kong – Johannesburg. He had a really appealing American accent, not the repelling one, but the one you secretly enjoy listening to. His instrument had an unorthodox shape, and for a while he just stood there waiting for all the passengers to sit down, so that he could go to the cockpit and ask the crew to store it there.
  2. Brazilian Monk and Beatles fan, São Paulo – Johannesburg. We chatted for 5/10 hours, and he let me sleep when he noticed my eyes had become too heavy. It was tea time, the air hostess came by, and all he said was, “Just give me hot water.” She did so, and he, from his pockets, presented some herbs and spices. The lady looked at me and I shrugged.
  3. Father living his dreams through his child, Johannesburg – Hong Kong. He was one of the parents chaperoning a huge scouts’ camp, to be held in Tokyo. He told be he had always dreamed of being in boys’ scout, but at that time, in Brazil, there was nothing like that. Now he’s old, but his son joined, and he gets to take him to all the camps. He looked forward to do some tourism in Japan.
  4. American couple all the way from Seattle, Johannesburg – Victoria Falls Town. They had been flying for a very long time, and were terrified of everything. It was their first time in Africa. They also asked me where the Victoria Falls were, as we couldn’t see them from the plane.
  5. Brazilian old boys (men!), Johannesburg – São Paulo. They saw my surname was “Costa” and were so thrilled. There were 3 of them, we were occupying the first seats right after business class. They looked like rock stars, and made a lot of noise, which was awesome. They also told me not to fear, Brazilians were as nice and friendly as them.
  6. Old man far away, Johannesburg – Addis Abeba. I asked the air hostess whether they had a USB for me to charge my phone. She was pretty, but I think she had forgotten. After some 20 minutes the old man far away took out his and asked me if I still needed it. I said yes and thanked him.

There were others. But 6 is enough.

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